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How to register

FileTyper is not free. This document describes how to register your copy of FileTyper and become a legal user.


The FileTyper Suite is distributed as shareware. This means that it is NOT a free product. You may try FileTyper out for fifteen days. If after that time, you decide you don't need it, you can toss it. However, if you decide to continue using it after fifteen days, you are expected to pay for your copy. This is called "registering" your copy of FileTyper.

Once you have registered, you can check the "I paid" box in the preferences window to disable the reminders that pop up every few weeks.

If you have already registered an older version of FileTyper, you do not need to re-register version 5.4. Your upgrades are free.


FileTyper has the following pricing:

  • Single-machine licence: $10 per machine
  • Site license: $100 per site
  • World-wide license: $400

A single machine license is a license to use FileTyper on one computer.

A site license covers all computers owned by a single person or organization as long as they are located within a circle of radius 100 miles (160 kilometers). One big advantage of a site license is that you do not need to keep track of how many computers at your site have the software installed. It will also probably be significantly less expensive than buying a license for each individual machine.

A world-wide license covers all computers owned by a single person or organization, no matter where in the world they are located.


You can register the FileTyper Suite in several ways: postal mail, e-mail, fax or online. You can pay by cash, U.S. check, credit card, or First Virtual. The following sections explain the different methods in detail.


Open the Register program that accompanies FileTyper. Enter your name, your email address, and the number of single user licenses you desire for each program you wish to purchase (or site or world-wide licenses). The Register program will automatically calculate the amount. Save, copy or print the data from the Register program and send the data and payment to Kagi, which handles my payment processing.

If you are paying by cash or U.S. check, you should print the data using the Register application and send it to the address shown on the form, which is:

1442-A Walnut Street #392-DZ
Berkeley, California 94709-1405

You can pay with a wide variety of cash from different countries, but at present if you pay via check, it must be a check drawn in US dollars. Kagi cannot accept checks in other currencies. Please make checks out to "Kagi".


If you are paying with a credit card or First Virtual, you can also email or fax the data to Kagi. Their email address is <sales@kagi.com> and their fax number is (+1 510 652-6589).

Open the Register program that accompanies FileTyper. Enter your name, your email address, and the number of single user licenses you desire for each program you wish to purchase (or site or world-wide licenses). The Register program will automatically calculate the amount. Then, you can either copy the data from the Register program and paste into the body of an email message, or you can save the data to a file and attach that file to an email message. There is no need to compress the data file; it's already pretty small. If you have a fax modem, just print the data to the Kagi fax number.

Please do not attempt to fax or email payment forms that indicate "Cash", "Check" or "Invoice" as the payment method. There is no way to transfer physical objects via fax or email, and without the payment, the form cannot be processed.


You can also register online using a credit card or First Virtual. Choose one of these online registration forms forms:

If your browser supports secure SSL forms, I recommend using one of the secure versions for maximum protection of your personal information. Versions of the form in other languages are also availabble. Fill out one of the forms, and include your credit card number or First Virtual ID. You do not need to use the Register program if you are registering online.

If you have problems with the forms, you can visit the registration area of the FileTyper home page <http://dazuma.freeshell.org/filetyper/register.html> for further help and links to the current addresses.


Kagi cannot accept purchase orders. Instead, you should either use an organizational credit card, request a postcard receipt and submit it to your organization for a refund, or create an invoice on our behalf using the Register program.

To generate a do-it-yourself invoice, run Register and select the "Invoice" payment method. This will generate a unique invoice/time stamp on the register form. Enter the purchase order number as well as your name in the name field. Remember to click on "postcard receipt" if you want a hardcopy receipt (US $1.00 extra). You will probably need to print three copies of the registration form, because most purchasing departments require everything in triplicate.

This is important: Using a highlighter or colored marker, circle the part that states that this form must accompany the payment. If they do not send the registration form with the payment, Kagi will not be able to process the registration.

With luck, your purchasing department will eventually pay for the software and you will receive a confirmatioin from Kagi. Kagi does not generate or mail "valid invoices" or any other paperwork, except for postcard receipts. If you do not hear back within several weeks, call your purchasing department and obtain the number of the check they sent. If they didn't bother to send the registration form, Kagi can use the check number to determine if your payment was received.


Payments sent via email or using the online service are processed within 3 to 4 days. If you provide a correct internet email address, you will receive an email acknowledgement when it is processed. Payments sent via fax take up to 10 days. Payments send via postal mail take time to reach Kagi and then up to 10 days for processing.

If you include a correct email address, you will hear from Kagi when your registration is processed. You may also request a postcard receipt. (This will add US$1.00 to your total.)


You can find more information at the Kagi web site. Point your web browser to <http://www.kagi.com/FAQs/default.html>. You can also email me at <dazuma@kagi.com>.


For the same reason you should pay for anything that you buy. FileTyper is not free software. I worked hard during my scanty free time designing and writing the various programs included in the FileTyper Suite, in order to make them as easy to use, fast and powerful as possible. I listened to feedback from countless users, integrating many of their ideas into the overall design to produce one of the most useable tools of its kind. If you find that FileTyper's capabilities make you more productive, if it eliminates hassle and provides helpful services for you, then it is your obligation to be honest and send in your registration.

It is also your way of telling me, "This product is useful; please continue to support it and improve it." This is how shareware authors work. If people like a product and send in registrations, then I'm be encouraged to continue to work on it. If no one likes a program, and very few registrations come in, then the program may be dropped.

Some shareware products use annoying shareware reminders and require you to enter a registration code to turn them off, or hide features from unregistered users. I choose not to do this; my time is better spent working on the program itself rather than on clever gizmos to force users to pay. The reminder alert that appears every few weeks is for your convenience only— it was added in response to suggestions I received from a few users, who said they had forgotten whether or not they had registered. There is nothing special about the reminder, however; you choose to turn it on or off, depending on whether you want it to be present. No special code or tricks necessary. No one will track you down and force you to pay up, and FileTyper comes to you fully functional— nothing locked up, nothing hidden. I believe the honor system can work and has worked. FileTyper is very inexpensive, even for a shareware program, and with Kagi's many options, registration has never been easier.

Daniel Azuma (dazuma@kagi.com)
Last updated 03 November 1999